Sandy and daughter at Union Station, Los Angeles, California

My photographic career began in 1971 while living in England. Over the past 40 years my subject interests have varied from street to environmental portraiture to landscape and lifestyle. In the end I have come to understand that "subject matter" does not drive me as much as my internal response to my surroundings; I simply love to photograph life.

Admittedly, I do enjoy interacting with people. Once a photograph has been made of a person I believe there is an interesting bond that transpires. Maybe that can be said of landscapes and animals as well. At the very least the photograph becomes a record of a moment, a permanent artifact or maybe just simply "art".

I like to think that photography has introduced me to many interesting friends.

This website is primarily used for my clients. After I have a session with a client it is nice to be able to share the best images from the session with them. That way they can give feedback on which images they would like in print form.

- neil